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The day has come. It was time for the Reaping for the 8th annual Hunger Games.
Marianna walked into the main square of District 3, holding her head high. I am so ready for this... she thought, smirking. She always wanted to get picked for the Hunger Games, ever since she found out about what actually happened. She watched the previous ones with a sort of voracious appetite, taking in each one and admiring the bravery of the Victors. She wanted to be one. She wanted to bring pride to District 3.
"Marianna!" Vincent said, running up to her and embracing her. She hugged him back.
"I think it's gonna be my year." Marianna said, smirking. He kissed her cheek.
"You surely got the spunk for it, Mari." he said, chuckling. She giggled.
"Sure hope so, Vincent." she said.
"The time has come to reap the male and female Tributes for the 8th annual Hunger Games..."
Sally walked into the main square of District 5 absolutely terrified. She had almost no fighting experience whatsoever, and if she were to be reaped...
Her younger brother grasped her hand, squeezing it. She looked down at Leander and giggled.
"I love you Lee~" she said, bending down and kissing his forehead.
"Don't worry, Sally. They're not going to pick you." he said in his cutesy little voice.
She was the only one in her family qualified to enter the Hunger Games. All her other siblings were too young. She had to help provide for them, when her parents could them. If she were to be reaped, her family might as well crash to the ground.
"The time has come to reap the male and female Tributes for the 8th annual Hunger Games..."
Poor Anna was confused as crap.
"Mom, why do we have to enter the Hunger Games?"
"It's a way for the Capital to..." her mother started, gulping. "Either way, you're probably not going to be picked, Anna. Your name has only been in there once."
Anna nodded. Alright.
"The time has come to reap the male and female Tributes for the 8th annual Hunger Games..."
Ally walked in with her mother. After getting pricked and stamping her finger, she walked over to the other girls.
"Ally, you scared?" one of the 'bullies' said to her, sneering. She trembled.
"Trust me, you wouldn't last a day." the bully replied, laughing. Ally looked down and frowned.
"The time has come to reap the male and female Tributes for the 8th annual Hunger Games..."
Marianna's jaw dropped.
Yeah, she was happy about the fact that she was reaped. She was just angry at the person she was paired up with.
The most annoying person that could live in District 3. And he's standing right next to her.
You are gonna be the FIRST to die, man...even if I'll kill you myself... she thought.
"Shake hands." the announcer said. She reluctantly did. He smirked, and Marianna turned away. Stupidly, she blushed. She scolded herself.
"This is going to be one long Hunger Games.." they both muttered.  Johnson said it seductively, Marianna said it desparingly. She glared at him, causing him to smirk.
Sally started crying. So did Leander. And Magdaline. And Lilly. She hugged them close to her, until the Peacekeepers came to take her away. Leander reached out to her as his older sister, Magdaline, hugged him, part-comforting, part-restraining.
"And now it's time to reap the boy!" the announcer said, picking up the boy's name. "...Carson." she said.
Sally glanced over at Carson, a boy she's only seen a few times. She glanced at him and looked away quickly, after absorbing his facial features. He shouldn't be too bad... she thought. Right?
Anna's mother started crying. She hugged her daughter for a few seconds.
"Mom..." Anna choked out. "Everything's going t-to be fine...take care of him, okay?" she murmured, as the Peacekeepers took her.
"The male Tribute is going to be...Samson!" the announcer said, gesturing to him.
Anna glanced at Samson, frowning. HIM? she thought. Don't think like that, Anna..he's probably really friendly....right?
Ally screamed. And screamed. She wasn't supposed to be picked, nope. All the bullies started laughing at her. She walked up on stage as the announcer smiled.
"And the male tribute is...Dexter! Come on up her, sir!" he said, gesturing to Dexter.
"Let's give a round of applause to the Tributes from District 8!"
Nobody applauded. A few snickers rolled through the crowd.
"Alright....well, let's get started then!" the announcer said, walking them into the Justice room.
The Tributes were reaped.
The 8th Annual Hunger Games Tributes

District 1:

District 2:

District 3:

District 4:

District 5:

District 6:

District 7:

District 8:

District 9:

District 10:

District 11:

District 12:

District 13:
Chapter 1 of a fanfiction I'm writing based off the Hunger Games, starring the Class of 2012. (8th grade)

Chapter 2 Coming Soon!
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